Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Quertermous-White Project II

After positive response to their first project, on May 2, 2005, Dave White and Bryon Quertermous distributed the premise for a second online writing project:

Write a story up to 3,000 words involving an object that is either sold at or taken to a police auction.

"Every Man for Himself", written for this challenge, can now be purchased as part of my ebook, Call Me Cupid: Six Screwball Stories of Love (February 2012). Reader comments on the story remain here to pique your interest.

Others Tackle the Topic

Alina Adams, "Hitting the Fan"

Ray Banks, "Outbid"

Gwenda Bond, "Unflappable"

Aldo Calcagno, "What Happens in Vegas..."

Bill Crider, "Raining Willie: A Story with no Moral"

Paul Guyot, "Bobcat"

Jennifer Jordan, "The Secret Police Auction Executive Balls"

Rochelle Krich, "Why Peggy Didn't Get Married"
Christin Kuretich, "The End"

Pat Lambe, "Initiation"

Stuart MacBride, "Lot 346"

David J. Montgomery, "The Suitcase"

Bob Mueller, The Sad Girl

Scott Neumyer, "Now You Can See"

Graham Powell, "The Leap"

Megan Powell, "Soft Soap"

Bryon Quertermous, "Schmuck with an Underwood"

John Rickards, "The Horror in the Sands"

Duane Swierczynski, "Seeing God"

Bob Tinsley, "Familiars"

Steven Torres, "Viktor Petrenko, Have You No Mercy?"

Sarah Weinman, "A Jumpin' Night in the Garden of Eden"

Dave White, "Deliver Us From Evil

Dave Zeltserman, "The Canary"


  1. she heard Rocket's horn, the opening notes of "Axel F."


    Nice job.

  2. Nice work.

    First date at a Burger King? That cracked me up.

  3. The voices work and so does the story. Good job.

  4. Thanks, Paul, Dave, and Bill. I'm working my way through the stories. Watch for my comments on your blogs.

  5. nice job - i too loved the first date at Burger King. and also the kick in the balls in the beginning. :)

  6. Gerald, this why I love your work...I loved the voice of the story. BTW, I had a first date at BK back in the early 70s.....

  7. Put me down in the "cool job with BK" front too, Gerald. I like Rocket as well. Very believable guy all the way through.

  8. Gotta love Burger King. Classy.

    Good story.

  9. the opening notes of "Axel F."
    Great. Now all I'm thinking of is "Crasy Frog."

    Great story though. I think it's one of the few that no one died in.

  10. Very nicely done. A nice turn at the end though I was hoping both Tania and Rocket would be heroes at the end. That does mean that I had feelings for them which is a hard thing to do in a limited space. Good work.

  11. Very good story. I had BK in a tux on the way to my senior prom.

  12. tubs. Now if they'd eaten Burger King in a hot tub, that'd be absolutely divine.


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