Tuesday, March 02, 2004

"Who are you? No one of consequence."

Take a look at today's tag quote at the top of the page: "Ducky, Gerald and Kate..."

This is a description for tonight's episode of "NCIS." The Gerald in question is M.E.'s Assistant Gerald Jackson, played by Pancho Demmings. I occasionally use quotes from the show because it's not often I hear about other Geralds. There's Gerald Ford, Gerald McRaney, Dominique's brother Gerald Wilkins, former Yankee Gerald Williams. I met a cashier at Border's named Gerald. Who else?

Somehow when I introduce myself, my name doesn't stay with people. I've been mistaken for Gerard, Edward, Gary, Daryll, Roger, Richard, Jerome, Joseph, and once at Panera, Herald. I'm never short of character names, I'll say that.

The origin of the name Gerald is Teutonic, meaning "bold spearsman." Since I didn't throw the javelin in high school, maybe my spear is a pen. Works for me.

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