Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Thanksgiving Optimism

© by Gerald So | 5:00 AM

Over the sixteen days since Joe Biden was projected to win enough electoral votes to defeat Donald Trump, Trump's insubstantial legal challenge of the vote has crumbled. After ignoring a subpoena to Congress, the Trump appointee overseeing the agency that formally begins the transition of power acknowledged Biden as the winner.

The hard year of COVID-19 wasn't helped by Trump's willful ignorance of the virus. Thankfully science advanced nonetheless, and vaccines will begin to roll out. That is real, good news for the new year. I'm also thankful none of my family has had to be hospitalized with COVID, but I cannot forget losing a family friend in April as well as a parish deacon. Their memories motivate me to maintain distancing and mask-wearing until the crisis is truly over.