Wednesday, February 28, 2024


© by Gerald So | 6:00 AM

CAGNEY & LACEY first aired twelve years before I became interested in crime fiction. Even so, I knew it at the time as a pioneering, multi-Emmy winning show. With Tyne Daly recently hospitalized, I was motivated to buy VEI's fortieth anniversary CAGNEY & LACEY DVD set, which includes the pre-Sharon Gless pilot movie and first season and the four post-series TV movies.

The show is nostalgic today, but also holds up to the best TV ever, delivering realism, action, humor, and heart. I don't know another show that alternates its first credit between its two stars. Watching Daly's performance, I would easily believe Lacey were a real person with her Queens attitude, devoted husband Harvey, and kids.

Friday, February 23, 2024


© by Gerald So | 6:30 AM

Ace Atkins' move to William Morrow was announced in April 2022 with the first of a two-book deal being a suspense thriller about a woman who uncovers her husband's double life. Thanks to publicist Jessica Cozzi, I got to advance-review the book, DON'T LET THE DEVIL RIDE, going on sale June 25.

Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Vote Snow

© by Gerald So | 6:30 PM

You know expelled Rep. George Santos's district? Mine. I voted against him in 2022, and his utter failure forced me to vote in this bleak midwintertime. Fortunately I voted Feb. 3, sunny if cold. On Election Day I was home shoveling five inches of snow. Come November I hope the U.S. avoids the chaos of a second Trump term by voting him down again. Then we can happily watch the courts hold citizen Trump accountable for his litany of crimes.