Friday, November 04, 2005

Man of Steel, Will of Iron?

On Smallville it's been established that Clark's attraction to Lana led to the first manifestation of his heat vision. Now I know Clark isn't supposed to see Lois that way as of yet, but in last night's episode, she's put in the position of giving him a lap dance. Are we expected to believe this doesn't arouse him in the least?

If his heat vision had gone off, it would have made a nice moment to discover he was attracted to Lois, and Lois wouldn't have to go through with the lap dance. That's acceptably motivated and humorous to me.


Megan said...

Maybe it was just a really bad lap dance?

John Ricotta said...

I feel unqualified posting about Smallville because I've seen very few episodes, but I'll add that I resent the whole "Lois in Smallville" concept. Maybe I'm just holding too much onto the template where Clark meets Lois at the Daily Planet; I don't know.

Gerald, if Clark's heat vision had gone off, wouldn't Lois have been killed? Now there's an awkward moment. "Sorry. Premature optometriculation."

Gerald So said...

I like Lois in Smallville because she's one of the few bright spots on an an otherwise broody, melodramatic show. She's a reminder that this is supposed to be fun.

Clark wouldn't necessarily hit Lois with his heat vision. He might just recognize that he was heating up and look away from her in time.

Welling did a good bashful take as it was. I just would've liked to see it played for more comedy.