Wednesday, November 02, 2005 Boreanaz Makes No 'Bones' About Being Happy

LOS ANGELES ( His appearances as a soulful vampire on Joss Whedon's "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and his own spin-off, "Angel," made David Boreanaz a star. But Whedon -- a writer, director and producer -- believed that the actors on his shows should say their lines only as written.

Now the star of FOX's freshman forensic drama "Bones" (recently picked up for a full season), Boreanaz plays FBI Agent Seeley Booth...As Booth, Boreanaz gets to play around with his lines, which is a big change from his "Buffy" and "Angel" days.

"That became very frustrating," he says. "For an actor to be able to create and also have a sense of freedom, you have to be able to revolve around those words and create around those words. Now, you can take the written word and have your subtext tell more than is written on the page, which is always fun and challenging too. But it's always great to revolve around the words and improvise and change things, because that comes from the character's perspective and point of view.

"Ultimately it comes from the writer, but it's the actor who breathes life into the character and makes it real. Having Hart to allow us to do that, it's a blessing."

A writer carries most if not all of the load for bringing novel and short story characters to life. In the case of TV or movies, a writer should allow some input from actors, who share some responsibility to portray and become associated with characters in an audience's mind. Forcing actors to deliver their lines only as written can make those lines sound forced, or worse, fake.

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