Thursday, December 15, 2005

The 2005 Best of Me Awards

I don't get much feedback on my work, which is fine with me. I write to serve the story/poem. Wealth and fame are gravy. In keeping with end-of-year festivities, though, I give you the 2005 Best of Me Awards, a chance to let me know which story and poem of mine you liked best this year.

The nominees are:


January 2005: "Soft Sell"

March 2005: "The Carrier"

June 2005: "Every Man For Himself"

July 2005: "Stunts"

August 2005: "Gypped"

December 2005: "Lonely Too Long"


April 2005: "Pizza Cutter"

August 2005: "Cleaning House"

October 2005: "Excuse me"

October 2005: "The enlightened"

November 2005: "Let me do all the work"

November 2005: "Limbo"

November 2005: "Why I Dropped Drama"

November 2005: "My First Love"

Post your choices in the Comments section.


Dave White said...

I really liked Gypped.

John D. said...

I'm kinda partial to Stunts.