Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Bill Granger Update

Last week I mentioned Bill Granger's November Man was one of my favorite book series. Michael Berry checked in on Lee Goldberg's blog with the following Granger update:
I don't know whether Granger is still alive, but back in 2003, he suffered a stroke that seemed to have wiped out most of his memories of his career. I read a very sad article about him in the Suburban Chicago Daily Herald, the link to which has disappeared.

This from a Google cache:

"Bill Granger, who has worked at the Chicago Tribune, Sun-Times and other Illinois papers, is in a veterans' home at 61 after suffering a stroke. Burt Constable writes: "He grasped the cruel irony that the stroke, which robbed him of his mind, has made him stronger physically by forcing him to forgo alcohol, cigarettes and fatty foods. He always seemed to be in the processing of giving up one of those three -- occasionally resulting in odd lunches of nothing but beer and cigarettes. ...In addition to taking away alcohol and his other vices, the stroke made him 'a nicer person,' Granger figured."

Sorry to hear this. I wish Granger well.

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Anonymous said...

would you know if he's at the Veteran's home in Manteno