Thursday, December 29, 2005

But Dad said, "She runs good."

The Oldsmobile Delta 88, featured in "This Never Happened to Superman", is one of Forbes' Worst Cars of All Time:

GM had two famously bad engines in the early 1980s: one that could operate on four, six or eight cylinders, and an Oldsmobile diesel. While the "variable displacement" engine was a pioneering idea that is just coming back on cars, the worst it usually got was that owners would have to clip undercarriage wires to get away from malfunctioning four- and six-cylinder modes. Oldsmobile's 5.7-liter diesel, which appeared from 1979 to 1984 on the Delta 88, was a bigger problem--a converted gasoline engine that was just a disaster. It would "smoke," demonstrating "rough idle" and "reduced performance," according to service bulletins.

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Anonymous said...

I am still running an olds 5.7 diesel they were better (by the time they finished making them ) than the 6.2 s that chev made to replace them no block or crank trouble