Monday, December 05, 2005

First Entry to Brooklyn

Apologies to Hubert Selby Jr.

The first snowfall I had to deal with this year was kind enough to let me train into Brooklyn to hear Sarah Weinman and Dave White read at Barbés.

I wouldn't have made it in any kind of time without my friend Andrew's help navigating new stations and streets. Before, during, and after the event were good times, with Dave's old Jersey crew (Charlie Stella and Pat Lambe) also in attendance.

Having read Sarah and Dave's presented pieces in advance, I was able to focus on their performances, on how inflection contributes to the development of mental pictures.

Dave's friend Lisa took pictures of the event, now up on Dave's blog.

When the after-party broke up, Andrew and I had fish and chips at the Chip Shop, chatting of old times and new.

Thanks again to Sarah and Dave, event host Robyn Schneider, Barbés, Andrew, Lisa, Charlie and Pat for making Brooklyn feel a little more like home.

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Dave White said...

Thanks for coming out last night, Gerald. It meant a lot.