Friday, December 09, 2005


The most functional piece of cold weather headgear I've found is a Navy watch cap. I discovered the watch cap in the pages of Spenser novels, back when Spenser seemed to do a lot more running.

The first really cold day of November, I looked for the watch cap I've had for years and couldn't find it anywhere. Warm and handy as they are, watch caps are easy to lose. Thanks to any number of Army Navy websites, they are also easy to replace. Get yours today.

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Andrew said...

Funny you should mention these. I bought myself a watch cap along with a pair of US mil. spec GI wool gloves Thursday night at an army/navy store on 8th ave and 46th for a grand total of like 18 bucks. Friday night I was at my friends' bar for their big 3 year anniversary party and some crook abscounded my new purchases! And it was cold out! Jerk.

Anyway, I am heading back to that same store today to replace the perloined items.