Thursday, January 26, 2006

Your guess is as good as mine.

Who will die on tonight's 100th episode of Smallville? Show creator Al Gough says it will be someone from the opening credits and there may be more than one death in the episode.

Fans have always suspected girl reporter Chloe Sullivan, an original creation for the show, would die, spurring Clark's interest in justice through journalism. I'm going to guess that's too obvious and won't happen tonight.

Assuming Lex, Lana, and Lois live on to play there parts in Clark's future, that leaves Jonathan and Martha Kent. My money's on Jonathan, who's been taking some sort of red pills.

We shall see.

UPDATE (9:10 PM ET): Let me just say I'm tired of the way every series seems to promise explosive events, deliver them, and then fall back on the dream sequence or the rewind of time or some hokey trick so real consequences don't have to be faced.

UPDATE (01/27/06 6:53 AM ET): In this interview, the cast member whose character died praises the lesson that death teaches about consequences for every action. I'm sure that was the point here, and I like how the death will impact Clark's character. However, in my view, the point was dulled because Clark had a say in who died—much the way he went back in time to save Lois in Superman (1978). In real tragedy, we don't have a choice; we have to live with one set of consequences. This would have made a better lesson.

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H. C. said...

I'm hoping Lana, figure Jonathan, fear it's Chloe. Not sure I want to tune into a Chloe-less Smallville. (that doesn't sound obsessed or anything, does it?)