Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Love is in the air, so I'm staying indoors.

Here's one of many memories explaining the attitude above:

During my time as an adjunct at Hofstra, I'd run into a cartain female colleague in the halls and each year when it came time to grade Hofstra's Writing Proficiency Exam. We got to talking, sharing innocuous life details, and one Monday morning I decide it's time to ask her out.

Meeting at the department office, I start with, "Do anything good this weekend?"

"Nothing much," she says. "I got engaged."

"Oh," I say and flee next door to the writing lab.

Composure regained, I realize I haven't congratulated my friend.

How does that look?

Luckily, I find her at her office, congratulate her and get details. High school sweethearts who found each other again. What are the odds?

Never tell me the odds.

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John Ricotta said...

I think you've mentioned this story before. Quintessential Gerald. Here is, in my terms, the raw thought process you went through:

Get in there.
Start conversation.
Engaged? Guh!
Abort! Abort! Abort!
Cancel abort! Maintain front!
Offer congratulations!
Maintain front!
Front maintained.
Cut losses. Move on.