Tuesday, February 21, 2006

New Glasses

Despite my current blog photo, I've worn glasses since age 5. I couldn't wait to get home from school each day and whip them off ala Superman dropping his mild-mannered guise. Then in college, Lois & Clark premiered, and I was excited to emulate Dean Cain's cool Clark Kent.

My most recent previous pair of glasses began to strain my eyes after two years of wear, so I took them off and went a long stretch without the opportunity for an eye checkup, finally rectifying that two weeks ago with a visit to Dr. Kiran Amesur of Tenafly Eye Associates (New Jersey). Kiran is a family friend and a fan of my writing. Her first question was, "Did you bring me anything to read?"

Unfortunately I hadn't, and it was tough admitting I didn't know how long it had been since my last checkup, but the increase in my reading time—a key resource to writing—has been invaluable. Thank you, Kiran.

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