Friday, February 10, 2006


In last night's episode of Smallville, intrepid Chloe Sullivan and Clark discover the skeleton of murdered girl Gretchen Winters sealed behind a wall at the Talon. The skeleton is wearing a Kryptonite bracelet that knocks out Clark and transmits Gretchen's spirit into Chloe (Poor girl, always getting possessed.).

Of course the culprit is Gretchen's psycho boyfriend who, though apparently not a meteor-freak, can get back on his feet minutes after being tasered and pull a knife out of his chest Rambo-style. Clark is knocked out for the climax, but somehow Chloe/Gretchen manages to distract the boyfriend from killing him. She then tranfers her spirit into the boyfriend, it overwhelms him, and he disappears in a flash of light.


This would've made a fine Halloween episode, except it's February. I suppose the boyfriend-girlfriend angle can be seen as a twisted Valentine's tribute, but I say the season should have ended with the death of Jonathan Kent. The past two episodes have been ridiculous.

This may change next week, when Clark Kent meets Cyborg.

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