Saturday, February 11, 2006

Reading Up

In my review of J.D. Rhoades's The Devil's Right Hand, I mentioned once-upon-a-time reading two or three books a week. I haven't quite returned to that level, but this week I finished reading three books that had to wait as I pursued various inspirations to write.

In addition to The Fallen, there was The President's Assassin by Brian Haig, featuring irrepressible Army JAG lawyer Sean Drummond. On loan to CIA this time out, Drummond's wit was in fine form. The stakes—involving the deaths of various fictional officials—will be difficult to top.

And I finished Laura Lippman's Charm City today. Tess Monaghan's first novel as a full-fledged PI has her infiltrating the ranks of a newspaper staff, uncovering unethical practices such as murder. As usual, Lippman's writing is sharp and engaging.

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