Thursday, March 16, 2006

"Let's be bad guys."

On last night's episode of Bones, someone tries to kill Brennan as she looks into a couple of bodies that may be tied to the mob. Booth takes it upon himself to bodyguard her, but his first night at her place is cut short when he opens her refrigerator to a bomb blast.

While he's laid up in the hospital, Booth puts Brennan in the care of Special Agent Jamie Kenton (Adam "The Man They Call Jayne" Baldwin). By the time Booth figures out Kenton is bad news, his only means of rescuing Brennan is Hodgins's Mini Cooper.

I enjoyed this episode as it really shows how human Booth is as opposed to the superheroic Angel. In the hands of nice-guy bad guy Baldwin, I genuinely believed Brennan was in danger and pulled for Booth to get there in time.

This episode convinces to buy the show on DVD. Hurry up, Fox (but do release a quality DVD set with good extras).

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