Thursday, March 23, 2006

Richard Grieco

...turns 41 today.

I wasn't much a fan of Jump Street, but the concept of Dennis Booker working investigations and security for the multinational Teshima Corporation intrigued me.

In my favorite episode, Teshima client B.B. King's famous guitar Lucille is stolen, and Booker must track it down while entertaining Teshima's number-one son (Gedde Watanabe) and trying to keep a date with the lovely Skylar Samperton (Tawny Kitaen circa 1989). The episode also featured Thomas Haden Church as a radio DJ friend of Booker's

If you, too, were a fan of Booker, you'll enjoy this page.

More obscure was Grieco's 1995 return in UPN's Marker. Grieco played a slacker who travels to Hawaii for his father's funeral and inherits his debts. Also starring Gates McFadden.

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Robert S.P. Lee said...

Hey, I liked Booker. And I did see (you and me must be the only two people who watched the show) where he was down in hawaii.