Thursday, March 30, 2006

SAY IT WITH BULLETS by Richard Powell

Another fine reprint from Hard Case Crime follows young WWII veteran Bill Wayne, back stateside to take revenge on the five Air Force buddies who left him for dead and went on to steal $500 million in gold.

Wayne signs up for a cross-country bus tour coincidentally stopping where each of the five men live. Also by coincidence, the tour guide is Holly Clark, who's had a crush on Bill since high school. At the tour's first stop, Bill visits his first target, but freezes when it's time to pull the trigger. After a struggle, Bill is knocked out and wakes to find the first man shot dead.

Did Bill get off a lucky shot? If not, who might be framing him for murder? While Wayne's predicament is serious and treated as such, there's plenty of wry humor in the mix. Bill tries to uncover the truth while fending off inquisitive Holly. Meanwhile, an understated romance develops between them.

Definitely worth another look.

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Graham said...

This one's on top of Mt. TBR right now. And that author has such a classy last name.

Maybe I'll start a site devoted to famous Powells. Richard... Dick... Talmage... Colin... Megan... Graham...