Monday, March 20, 2006

SMFS Derringer Finalists

The list as posted by coordinator Pam SkochinskiFlash:
The Last Journey by Mary Schenten
Word Power by Michelle Mach
Secondhand Shoe by Patricia Harrington
Hell Hath No Fury by BJ Bourg
No Athiests in Foxholes by Stephen D. Rogers

Twilight of the Fireflies by John Weagly
Zipped by Stephen D. Rogers
Roses at His Feet by Todd Robinson
The Day the Bad Men Came by Andy Henion
Hangman's Tree by Deanne Boast

Best Wishes by JR Chabot
The Spare by Woody Hanstein
Johnny Cash is Dead by Jordan Harper
One Step Closer by Iain Rowan
A Death in Ueno by Mike Wiecek

Monday, Sweet Monday by John F. Dobbyn
Good Shepherd by Frank Zafiro
Fish by Stephen Johnston
The Safest Place on Earth by Mark Best*
The Cherries of Lucullus by Steven Saylor

*first appeared on The Thrilling Detective Web Site, Spring 2005

Good luck to Mark and all.

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