Sunday, March 12, 2006

WALKING MONEY by James O. Born

The attorney for a community activist group decides a Miami riot is the perfect time to make a run at the group's $1.5 million stashed in a safety deposit box at Alpha National Bank. Little does he know the bank manager has also been eying the money, as have the group leader and the close-to-retirement FBI agent watching the leader.

Walking Money is about what happens to almost everyone who gets a whiff of an easy score. Only Florida state cop Bill Tasker has no interest in the money, and he's the one framed for stealing it. A fast-paced caper follows wherein I could never be sure who to trust or what the outcome would be as the characters constantly one-upped each other.

This kind of unpredictability is exactly what I want in a crime novel. Through the many twists, Born also keeps the characters' motives grounded in their personalities. Born's storytelling talent is backed by his experience with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, giving a sense that the whole madcap yarn could happen. Recommended.

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