Monday, April 10, 2006

WENN: Hatcher to Be 'Highest-Paid TV Actress'

Teri Hatcher is expected to become the highest-paid television actress after demanding a cut from numerous lucrative products linked to hit show Desperate Housewives. Hatcher's earnings are set to rocket to at least $6 million after she won a deal to promote the spin-offs, including a computer game and an online fashion store. A source tells British newspaper The Mail on Sunday, "She has been saying that, unlike the stars of Friends, who ended up making a million an episode, she is not getting enough money. "(Series producer) Disney is desperate to keep her happy so has come up with a deal that gives her a cut of profits from the video game, board game and a planned online clothing store. "There are also plans for a cookbook, music DVD and a fragrance. This is going to be a huge, lucrative franchise and Teri has made sure she's getting a cut of every deal. "She will earn at least $6 million from spin-offs alone this year.

Hatcher apparently struggled in the mid-90s after the cancellation of Lois & Clark, so I guess it's good she's cashing in while she can. I just dread she'll be overexposed—if she hasn't been already.


Steven said...

Too late on over-exposure. I watched pretty religiously last year - it was well written. But I stopped after an episode or two this season. Haven't a clue if it rebounded, but I don't see it having the same pull it has now in another year or two.

I'm surprised that $6 million was enough to make her highest paid. Spread out over 22 or so episodes, that doesn't seem like that much (compared to the cast of Everybody Loves Raymond, say). There again, what do I know?

Gerald So said...

The $6 million is just from Desperate spin-off merchandise. No mention of what she'll be paid per episode.