Sunday, May 21, 2006

Bonds Ties Ruth

Barry Bonds finally hit his 6th homerun of the season, tying Babe Ruth's career mark of 714. Hank Aaron still holds the all-time record of 755, so why celebrate someone tying for second place?

People who say we should be celebrating are simply looking for reasons to celebrate. And, I'm sorry, now that we have evidence that Mark "I'm not here to talk about the past" McGwire and Rafael "I have never used steroids. Period." Palmiero actually took performance enhancers, I can't trust any records since the advent of these drugs.

I hate that professional sports base so much of a person's living on athletic performance. This is what creates the pressure to use performance enhancers.


Jim Winter said...

I'm sorry. The whole steroid controversy is a crock. It's artificial ethics in a game that never had any to begin with. Not when the Major Leagues started out with spiking and beaning and even attacking the umps as perfectly acceptable parts of the game.

This angst over steroids does nothing more than give the game an appearance of integrity when it really has none. If it did, the owner of the Milwaukee Brewers... Oh, excuse me. The FATHER of the owner of the Milwaukee Brewers... wouldn't be commissioner, nor would his team be getting more perks than it did under previous commissioners. Owners wouldn't be playing shell games with franchises and blackmailing cities for stadiums.

You want to talk about suspect records? Anything tied to professional sports is suspect.

And college sports is nothing more than virtual slavery.

There are no ethics in sports.


Gerald So said...

The root of the problem is that one can play a game and make more than enough money to live on, shamefully devaluing education/basic skills as more and more prospects are drafted earlier and earlier.

Charlie Stella said...

Ruth 8,399 at bats; 714 HRs
Aaron 12,364 at bats; 755 Hrs
Bonds 9,140 at bats; 714 HRs

Stella: 6 pounds/1 ounce of spaghetti in 15:32 (Ronzoni Columbus Day spaghetti championship at Yonkers Raceway, 1978).

Graham said...

To me, the sad thing is that Bonds was a great player before he started doping (or at least before it was obvious). I was living in Atlanta in 1993 and closely followed the pennant race between the Braves and the Giants, and a skinnier Bonds played GREAT that year.

Gerald So said...

Stella: 6 pounds/1 ounce of spaghetti in 15:32 (Ronzoni Columbus Day spaghetti championship at Yonkers Raceway, 1978).

An awesome feat, Charlie.

Charlie Stella said...

Literally, brother, my 15 minutes of fame ...