Wednesday, May 10, 2006

"I knew it was too early to promote you."

I've just seen the Casino Royale trailer in English, and I like it very much. My concerns about Daniel Craig's natural accent, which I hadn't heard before, and his physique were both resolved. Normally, I'm not much of a purist, but I still wonder why Judi Dench was retained as M. In the previous timeline, she came to power when Bond was already an established agent. In the new timeline, she's the one to first issue Bond's license to kill.

Before I give myself a quantum headache, I can accept Dench as a previous female M who was succeeded by a couple of male Ms, who in turn were succeeded by a lookalike female M.

Okay, to paraphrase the Ghostbusters, I'm ready to believe you.


Graham said...

Also, doesn't this look likes it's a contemporary picture? Not a period piece? So they're throwing out the whole Bond timeline?

Gerald So said...

I thought the movie would be retro, virtually gadget-free, but the trailer shows a pretty-modern-looking hand scanner device.

I like Judi Dench, but if she's playing the same M who came into office with GOLDENEYE, the timeline is shot to heck.

Still, I guess we'll see.

Dave White said...

From what I've read it's basically Bond Begins. Bond in the now starting over... modern day Bond... But how he started.