Thursday, May 18, 2006


What was I saying about the NBA playoffs, the Pistons and Spurs would make the finals? Well, that prediction was as good as a Rasheed Wallace guarantee.

I hope LeBron and company eliminate the Pistons tomorrow night. A Cavs-Heat matchup is intriguing.

The Spurs-Mavs series is tough to call. San Antonio may have the edge in momentum.


Anonymous said...

Booooooo. Bad Gerald. The Pistons WILL make the playoffs and win it all.

Gerald So said...

Win it all? We'll see, Rash-err-Bryon. :)

Patti Abbott said...

Hey, we need to win playoffs. What else do we have going for us in Detroit? Cars, music, jobs?

Graham said...

I think the Spurs shot their bolts last night. They can't play much better, and if Dirk hits that tip at the buzzer, they're sitting at home wondering what happened.