Wednesday, May 24, 2006

An Oddity of Fandom

I've just watched the Yankees win a series with the Red Sox at Fenway Park. I noticed that every time the Yankees made a good play, the Sox fans chanted, "Yankees suck!"

I know this is a common expression of loyalty used by fans wordwide, but why chant that your opponents suck when they've just proven they don't suck?

If you want to insult the Yankees, chant after Giambi whiffs or Jeter grounds into a double play.


Dave White said...

It's like in college hoops chanting "overrated" when you beat a ranked team. Don't you want the team to be ranked when you beat him to show how good your team is? Don't you want to beat a good team and not an overrated one?

Sean Chercover said...

Okay, you guys have opened the proverbial can o' worms...

The thing is, I'm a Cubs fan. Yeah, I know. But I am.

And in Chicago, Cubs fans HATE the White Sox, and vicey-versey. It seems that the fans get more pleasure from rooting AGAINST the other guy's team than they get from rooting FOR their own team.

But to me, being a fan is about rooting FOR something, not AGAINST something. Consequently, I have no hate for the Sox. In fact, they are my favorite team in the Junior League. My idea of Nirvana would be watching the Cubs beat the Sox in Game 7 of the World Series.

And that can never happen unless BOTH teams make it to the Big Dance.

And why do I envision the Cubs winning it in Game 7? Because victory over a worthy apponent is the sweetest victory of all. There is much less joy in victory over an unworthy apponent. So why on earth would I wish for the Sox to suck? I want the Sox to be the best team in the American League.

I just want the Cubs to be even better.

I've been called a 'traitor' (and much worse) by so-called Cubs "fans" because of this attitude.

But I think you are both right on the money.

John Ricotta said...

Sean, I have a similar outlook on the Yankees and Mets, which made the 2000 World Series even sweeter. And even though the series only lasted 5 games, all of them were close, and the series felt like a 6- or 7-gamer. Even the last out (Piazza's deep drive to center off Mariano) was a heart stopper, and the Yanks were up three games to one at that point.

While I won't actively root for the Mets to lose, I do chuckle from time to time at any heart-breaking losses they go through. Ultimately though, I'd love to see them in the World Series again. So the Yankees can crush them.

To stay on topic, Boston fans will always have an inferiority complex, even after winning the World Series in 2004.

Graham said...

Yeah, the time to shout "Yankees suck!" is when A-Rod comes up to bat late in the game with the bases loaded - and grounds into a rally-killing double play. Again.

And then smokes a home run the next day. When you're ahead by 8.