Sunday, May 07, 2006

"Rita Fiore, Denny Crane."

In the latest issue of Mystery Scene, Ron Miller's article "TV Views" gives a brief critique of Selleck as Jesse Stone and surveys all the TV that's been made of Parker's characters (Spenser For Hire, A Man Called Hawk, the Lifetime Spenser movies, the A&E Spenser movies, Jesse Stone).

Miller also speculates that Parker's Sunny Randall would be a good fit for Lifetime TV movies, and he's surprised Parker hasn't made a deal with David E. Kelley to have Rita Fiore appear on Boston Legal.

Intriguing. Who wouldn't want to see Rita go toe-to-toe with Alan Shore or Denny Crane?

In fact, I wonder just how much of a possibility this is.

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Plot Baby Plot said...

I've often wondered why Rita Fiore hasn't been spun off in her own series of books. I personally would find that more interesting than Sunny Randall.

Since it only takes Parker about 2 months to write a book, I think he has enough time to create another series.