Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Superman Returns Sooner

Warner Bros. is releasing Superman Returns two days earlier than previously announced. The new Wednesday, June 28 premiere will give the movie a linguistically ludicrous "7-day opening weekend" including the U.S. July 4th holiday.


Patrick Shawn Bagley said...

I saw a trailer for this last night at a screening of X-Men 3. I haven't been paying much attention to press releases about the movie, and the trailer didn't reveal much. Were they using Marlon Brando's performance as Jor-El for the voice-over? I wasn't sure. There doesn't seem to be much excitement for this one, but I'll go see it...can't be any worse than the last two Superman movies. Can it?

H. C. said...

Yeah, that was Brando. Singer's actually using some unused footage of him from the first movie.

Really hoping that part doesn't come off as cheesy.