Thursday, June 22, 2006

Brown Out

As long expected, the New York Knicks have severed ties with Larry Brown and named GM Isiah Thomas coach. I don't see the team improving until Cablevision head James Dolan wises up and cleans house completely. (I would rather Dolan sell the team, but I doubt that will happen.)


Graham said...

As long as it get Isaiah Thomas out of the General Manager's office, it's worth it. Though I wish I could get paid $50 million for one year of work and four years of sitting on my ass.

Gerald So said...

No such luck. Isiah stays on as GM and coach. See you in 2012.

Robert S.P. Lee said...


Brown wasn't doing jack any damn way!

Not playing Marbury enough was pissing me off.

Gerald So said...

Marbury has never been a good fit anywhere because he's not a point guard. Teams improve when he leaves.