Tuesday, June 06, 2006

What day is it?

I'd convinced myself today was Friday. It wasn't hard. I'd seen the hokily ominous commercial for the Omen remake, "coming six, six, oh-six," and mushed it together with the knowledge that most movies premiere on Friday. A week from today is the 13th, which brings to mind Friday the 13th.

Whatever. 6-6-96 is more significant to me because my friends and I went canoeing that day on the Peconic River. Less than three feet from shore, eager for an oar, I stood abruptly and landed myself and two shipmates in the drink.

What fun is canoeing if you don't capsize? Good times, good times.


Matt said...

Oh my good lord, that was ten years ago today? Wow, memories--including the mistake James illustrated for all of us of wearing boots while canoeing!

John Ricotta said...

Was this the trip when we were listening to Metallica's Load album, and actually digging it? Children we were.

Deshant said...

10 years! 10 Years!!! Damn that was way too long ago. I have new camera I'm not taking it in the canoe next time. The Load album btw represents the last desperate attempts for Metallica fans to hope the ship would right itself... much like our canoe it spilled everything in the drink