Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Psych and Monk

One episode is too early to judge most shows, but I did like Psych, which premiered in the Friday 10pm slot traditionally held by Monk. Apparently so did 6.1 million viewers, giving USA Network its highest rating in two years.

I was concerned that protag Shawn Spencer's uncanny observational skills would be too much like Adrian Monk's. They're similar to some extent, but in terms of personality, Shawn (James Roday) is better adjusted and more fun-loving than Monk.

My one complaint is that Shawn's best friend Gus's (Dulé Hill) full name is Burton Guster. This sounds odder than if he were just named Gus (Insert surname here).

Meanwhile Monk's ratings dipped in its new 9pm slot, but premiered with a fine episode guest-starring Stanley Tucci as an actor who gets obsessed in his attempt to portray Monk in a movie.

As they say, next week's ratings will be the real test.

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JJ Stickney said...

Monk's dip may have been due to a lack of publicity. I'm a loyal watcher (okay, I TIVO) and I did not know it was the start of a new season.