Monday, July 17, 2006

Superman Returns Again

My friend Matt Tedesco—philosophy professor at Beloit College—is back on Long Island for a few days, and tonight we're watching Superman Returns (his first time, my second) at the United Artists Westbury Stadium 12.

If you've seen the movie and have questions, Steve Younis of The Superman Homepage has answers.

As the kid from the Crispix commercial says, "I'm still skeptible."

UPDATE (12:35 AM): After some confusion about the showtime, we saw the planned 8:20 show. I got to redeem a $10.50 coupon, and witness my friend John Ricotta's prodigious Ms. Pac-Man skills. Twenty minutes before the show, he had her commit seppuku, and we went to find seats.

I accepted more about the movie this time. I'd gone in the first time wanting more of the Clark-Superman-Lois love triangle. I've mentioned how much I enjoy the idea that Clark puts on Superman, not vice versa, but I realize Singer wanted to tell a different story.

I didn't see quite enough to change my original grade.

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John Ricotta said...

They definitely tweaked that game to give Ms. Pac-Man an advantage. But it still felt pretty good whipping the crud out of those ghosts.