Sunday, August 20, 2006

Dear Bob

I've posted my second comment to Robert B. Parker's blog:
Mr. Parker,

I'd like to hear Spenser's take on the steroid/performance-enhancing drug scandal in sports today. You've tackled the issue of fixed games before (Marty Rabb in MORTAL STAKES, Dwayne Woodcock in PLAYMATES) with great success. Your new web site ( lists Barry Bonds as one of the top five baseball players Spenser ever saw. I think the controversy currently surrounding Bonds and others would really get Spenser's juices flowing, so to speak.

I don't want a reply so much as I want a Spenser book about it. Knock wood.


Dave White said...

Robert B. Parker automated reply:

"(Instert plot idea here) may or may not happen. Again there is no master plan so I do not know what will or won't happen in the future."

Gerald So said...

Darn. Got the machine again.