Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Did this never happen to Clark Kent?

Last night I took off my glasses (pictured at right) to change shirts. I placed them on my bed and accidentally sat on them, bending the frame back at the lenses. I'm bringing them in for repair/replacement today, but I have to wonder: Did Clark Kent never in super-powered clumsiness break his glasses?

And if he had no spares, could he last an entire day at the Planet—plus however long it took to get new glasses—without blowing his disguise?

UPDATE (12:32 PM): Lisa, the optometrist at Costco, fixed my glasses at no charge. Many thanks.


John Ricotta said...

Boy Scout that he is, it's not like he'd fly to Pearle Vision and steal a pair at super speed. I can't recall a situation (comic or TV) when this happened. The closest possible scenario is when his glasses just fall off his face, which has been done plenty of times.
If he were ever to break his glasses, he'd probably repair the frames and/or lenses with his heat vision. Can this actually be done? I have no idea.

Graham said...

Don't Clark and Superman part their hair on opposite sides? That should be enough to fool anyone.

Andrew said...

I think John's got it. Bro'd just scoop up some sand, heat vision that silica until it was molten glass, mold it, shape it and shazaam! new glasses lenses. As far as the frames go, I'd hope he'd opt for the ultradork method of white adhesive tape repair.