Thursday, August 24, 2006

Pesky Inspiration

I finished reading The Barbed-Wire Kiss by Wallace Stroby yesterday, five weeks after I started. Retaining visions of my own novel, I'm deliberately slowing down, thinking more as I read. Also, however, the urge to write poems and stories interrupted. It's a challenge to make time for everything, but if I have to sacrifice anything it's usually reading. Writing is my top priority, even if I don't write what I intended.

That said, The Barbed-Wire Kiss is a fine series debut with a sharply detailed setting, evocative writing, and a harrowing plot. In the course of helping a friend pay off a low-level mobster, ex-NJ State Trooper Harry Rane runs into an old flame who happens to be the mobster's wife.

Thanks to David White for the recommendation.

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Dave White said...

As usual, I rule.