Thursday, August 10, 2006

"There are Pretenders among us."

I've been watching the four seasons of The Pretender on DVD. I saw the show in passing on NBC and caught up with it in reruns on TNT. It was entertaining week to week, with characters that grabbed me, and I went along even as their dynamics grew more convoluted. I guess that's the ultimate suspension of disbelief. The writers admit that sometimes they just went for the bizarre and had to go even farther out to tie things together.

The Pretender may have tackled some dark and twisted material, but behind the scenes everyone laughed and enjoyed coming to work. I'd like to find some easter egg outtakes.

Two movies aired on TNT a year after the series was cancelled. I've lost them in a sea of VHS tape, but I remember enjoying the first more than the second. Co-creators Craig Van Sickle and Steven Long Mitchell say they are working on a third movie that will wrap everything up. Best of luck.

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