Sunday, August 27, 2006

"Walk in shadow, move in silence."

Robert B. Parker's official site has added a section of related links, describing Dodd Vickers's Spensarium Yahoo! Group as as "THE Robert Parker forum. Lively, smart discussions of all things Parker."

Not listed is Spenser's Sneakers, the group I formed after leaving Spensarium.

Few people know that my first moderating experience came in January 2000 when Dodd asked me to oversee his group two days into its existence. I tried to foster in-depth discussion and genuine dialogue about Parker, but some Spensarium members reacted strongly against any criticism of Parker.

In early June 2001, I decided to leave and form Spenser's Sneakers so readers who wanted to go in-depth wouldn't butt heads with those who didn't. Dodd erroneously saw this as competition for his list and deleted my parting post to Spensarium/invitation to join spensneak.

Rest assured we do exist.

UPDATE (08/28/06 10:00 AM): A friend convinced me to let Parker know of spensneak via his Web site. Stay tuned.

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