Thursday, August 03, 2006 Sci Fi Beams Up 'Enterprise'

The Sci Fi Channel has gotten its hands on a piece of the "Star Trek" franchise, picking up rights to the prequel series "Star Trek: Enterprise."

The deal with CBS Paramount Domestic TV, which syndicates "Enterprise," also includes an extension of the cable network's contract for "The Twilight Zone" as well as rights a pair of Stephen King miniseries and several short-lived shows with supernatural bents, among them "Threshold" and "Wolf Lake."

...The deal also includes a number of shows from recent years that never got a chance to complete their initial runs on network TV. In addition to "Threshold" and "Wolf Lake," Sci Fi has picked up former UPN shows "Haunted," "Special Unit 2," "All Souls," "Jake 2.0" and "Level 9," as well as the mid-'90s FOX vampire show "Kindred: The Embraced."

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