Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The Fortress of So-litude

It's that time of year when much of the mystery and crime fiction world converges for Bouchercon. Once again, I am not among them.

Tomorrow is the sixth season premiere of Smallville. The show has strayed so far from Superman lore I don't know why I'm watching. Anyway, this season Lex continues to date Lana, Lois falls for Oliver Queen (Green Arrow), Chloe dates Jimmy Olsen, and hopefully Clark escapes the Phantom Zone.

Tomorrow is my second chance to catch CBS's Shark.

All this leaves the question, what am I doing today? Answer: Reading A Stolen Season by Steve Hamilton.

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John D. said...

The premiere episode of Shark was pretty good. I'm anxious to see ep 2. Definitely worth staying up for.