Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I'm not back - NCIS Recapped

In pursuit of a suspicious motorcyclist, Ziva witnesses the shooting of two FBI agents. She is subsequently framed for their murder and must go on the lam from both the FBI and NCIS. Desperate for help, she places a call to Abby who puts her in touch with Gibbs.

I figured the special bond Ziva and Gibbs shared would be the thing to pull him out of retirement. It was nice to see Tony had developed his own style of leadership, a taskmaster when he needed to be, but still freewheeling for the most part. And Abby, who didn't like Ziva when they first met, now says "Name it," when Ziva asks for a favor.

For about half the episode, Gibbs is shown fortifying Mike Franks's house in Mexico, and when he comes back to NCIS HQ his hair is longer, his manner distinctly different; he actually laughs. Speaking of that, there was some great humor, from Abby seeking advice from a blown-up freeze frame of Gibbs, to the team members pow-wowing in the autopsy lab and agreeing to help Ziva without the director's knowledge.

As usual, the show took a culprit-is-not-who-we-suspect twist, and instead of using lethal force as she might have last season, Ziva records the mastermind's confession while duking it out. In the end Gibbs went back to Mexico without saying goodbye. We all know he'll be back, but it was a nice close for the episode.

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