Friday, September 01, 2006


In the third novel in the Solomon vs. Lord series, Steve Solomon finds a 300-pound marlin stuck in his front door. He soon realizes this is a clue sent by William Kreeger, a man Solomon once defended, knocking a murder charge down to manslaughter.

After serving his six-year sentence, "Dr. Bill" had seemingly reformed, now a popular self-help author and radio host. But when he starts badmouthing Solomon on the air, Steve fears Kreeger has learned what went on behind the scenes of his case, that Steve believed his client guilty of murder and shared evidence with the prosecution to put Kreeger away.

At 352 pages, KILL ALL THE LAWYERS is the shortest book in the series, but like the other two, it is expertly paced. I don't think it could get more harrowing, with Kreeger turning Steve's every good intention against him in a bid to tear apart his life with Victoria Lord and his nephew Bobby.

One mark of great characters is the range of stories they allow you to tell, from lightly comedic to absolutely grave. I was right there with them.

UPDATE: All four books in the Solomon vs. Lord series are now available for Amazon Kindle.

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H. C. said...

am about halfway through this one--am pacing myself better with this one, the others I read in a sitting or two.

Couldn't agree more--the pacing is great, the stories are varied. And while I generally agree with your antipathy towards multiple P.O.V's in a story, Levine's adding another one for this book was well done, and a great addition. (so far anyway)