Friday, October 27, 2006

Another Good Smallville

Last night's episode centered on Lex Luthor and Oliver Queen's tenth-year reunion at Excelsior Academy. Flashbacks showed Lex as a scheming loner and Queen as a privileged bully. In order to get into Oliver's circle, Lex turns on his only school friend Duncan, beating him to a pulp.

In present day, members of Oliver's circle are dying in mysterious, violent accidents. It turns out Duncan, believed to have died, was actually turned into a telekinetic meteor freak by Lionel Luthor. When Duncan goes after Oliver with Queen's own EMP arrow, Clark takes the hit, and the ensuing pulse fries Duncan's brainwaves.

Okay, not the most plausible plot, but this is Smallville.

The highlight was Lois and Clark chasing the story of what became of Duncan:

We've all done things we're not proud of. I just wish that Oliver didn't feel like he had to hide it from me.

You know, sometimes in order to protect the people we love, we keep secrets.

That is...totally retarded. (Walks off.)

CLARK smiles.

Kudos to episode writer Steven S. DeKnight.

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