Monday, October 16, 2006

"I'm Dreaming of a..."

Tigers-Mets Series, just like the one I've never known.

I'm not a Met fan, mostly due to being twelve years old on Long Island in 1986, a fluorescent sea of orange and blue as the Mets were on top of the baseball world and the Yankees were in a down cycle. However, I was glad to see Oliver Pérez come through and the Mets' bats wake up to tie the NLCS 2-2. One team in New York had to start hitting again.

And I have to tip my cap to the Tigers, actually my second-favorite team (if we're allowed such things) since the heyday of Whittaker and Trammel. Kenny Rogers is pitching out of his mind and the Tigers baserunning can catch anyone napping.


Charlie Stella said...

Say it ain't so, Gerald you're not a Mets fan? ... minus whatever steriods they use, it's the only pure baseball being played anymore (in the national league) ... the skankies play in tha T-ball "designated hitter" rule league ... you have to love the Mets ... or any other team in the major leagues (national league). the junior leagues (american league) are an embarrassment to the sport ... they removed half the strategy of the game and made it a pinball display. Come home to the Mets, Gerald ... as much as I like seeing the Tigers upstage the big $alaried teams (especially the skankies), you gotta root for the teams still playing baseball the way it was meant to be played.

by the way ... greatest series I remember was the 67 Tigers-Cardinals ... back when both leagues played baseball and they didn't have these mickey mouse playoffs where the team with the best record gets 2 chances to be eliminated in a short series ... back when the actual 162 game season meant something.

I'm super caffeinated this morning, brother ... sorry for the pontification ...

Gerald So said...

You're welcome anytime, Charlie.

I don't like the DH, but I was taunted too often by Mets fans in the '80s to switch allegiances, as much as I like Willie Randolph, Queens, and Queens College.

I liked the Marlins under Girardi, but he was fired. I liked the Cards under Whitey Herzog. Mike Schmidt is the only other thing I've liked in the National League.

John Ricotta said...

I'll tell you; riding the number seven train to Queens since the Mets made it to the NLCS hasn't been fun for me. I don't know where all of these blue and orange freaks came from. Maybe they're just ashamed and afraid to show support of their team until it's a foregone conclusion that they're successful and have entered the playoffs.

Or this could just be a disgruntled Yankee fan talking. And I'd be happy to show off my Bobby Meacham and Steve Balboni autographs to anyone who'd dare accuse me of bandwagon jumping.

Charlie Stella said...

Come on Mets fans, sing the praise of Roy McMillan, Joe Christopher, Choo-Choo Coleman, Ron Hunt, Ed Kranpool, Chris Cannizarro ... Jay Hook!

Those were the days (when they finished last or next to last every year) ... when baseball was baseball.

It's only a matter of time before MLB goes the route of the NBA ... play a season (for the sake of stats) and then pull a ticket from a fishbowl to make the 16 rounds of playoffs that turn the season upside down.

I say start over ... year zero (to borrow a phrase) ... eliminate the extra teams and go back to 10 teams in each league, the best record in each league goes to the world series ... no more television playoffs for also rans ... get rid of the designated hitter, and the teams eliminated will get rid of all the diluted pitching ... then move the fences back where they started (in some cases 20 feet) ... have between inning random drug testing.

Make baseball real again. Ever since 1969 (I think the year they started those fugazy "divisions") it's been nothing but a bad hoax to dinosaurs like moi.