Thursday, October 12, 2006

A STOLEN SEASON by Steve Hamilton

Steve Hamilton's Alex McKnight is a former Detroit cop who relocates to the town of Paradise on Michigan's Upper Peninsula after surviving a bullet lodged near his heart. Alex is part cynic, part do-gooder, made believable by Hamilton's fine writing.

In A Stolen Season, McKnight helps rescue three men when their boat runs aground. It turns out these men are involved in a guns-and-drugs scheme the ripples of which threaten McKnight's girlfriend R.C.M.P. officer Natalie Renault and his best friend Vinnie LeBlanc.

Hamilton's style remains very readable as he weaves a satisfyingly complex web and leaves the irascible, yet earnest McKnight to untangle it. The stakes are high. Much is taken from McKnight, asking the most compelling question a story can, mystery or no: What will become of the protagonist?

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