Wednesday, November 29, 2006

DEEP SIX by Thom E. Gemcity

NCIS fans will recognize the entry title as that of the thriller written (and self-published?) by Sean Murray's character Timothy McGee. Over the past two episodes, we've learned about the book's characters, based without permission on McGee's NCIS teammates: L.J. Tibbs, Special Agent Tommy, Mossad Officer Lisa, and of course French-Polynesian M.E.'s assistant Pimi J'Almer.

McGee insists his book is "pure fiction," but clearly he's arguing a lost cause, as is any author whose fiction borrows too much from life.


sharp2799 said...

I suppose they wanted to be funny but I'm finding this storyline to be more cringe-worthy. I'm also wondering how he's escaping an official reprimand for the book--he's a federal agent writing about his job (essentially), trying to pass it off as fiction, didn't have it vetted by legal, and no one in the office is fooled. Dangerous and stupid.

Gerald So said...

If the copies in the office were preliminary proofs--the only ones in existence--I wouldn't mind that we haven't seen the book vetted or McGee reprimanded. However, on the dust jacket it says, "The National Bestseller."

In McGee's defense, even if the book is a bestseller, it's not clear how much he reveals in it. Maybe the book was vetted and McGee just kept it a secret from his teammates. Tibbs, Tommy, and Lisa could be working for a broadly fictionalized federal agency. Gibbs's team may only have learned about the book from McGee's sister and only recognized themselves because they know McGee personally.

Excuses aside, I agree McGee should have gone through realistic channels publishing the book. The fact that we've seen none of the process suggests the storyline wasn't well thought out. Then again, maybe it will be tied up by season's end.

TwilightLover460 said...

McGee got a Porsche from one book? Plus, I think Gibbs knew about the book before Sarah McGee told them. Tommy is really easy to identify as Tony, and Lisa the Moussad Officer if obviously Lisa. Nice job McGee! And "Tibbs"? Please!

But, coming up with the fake name was awesome! Thom E. Gemcity=Timothy McGee!!!!
On the other hand, they do not explain to us what the agents from "Deep Six" do. FBI? CSI? Or, maybe they still work for NCIS. I really hope not. McGee is smarter than that! Tony and Ziva would've found out eventually!

On another topic, his sister was such a great twist for that episode "Twisted Sister" when she showed up at McGee's door and says, "I think I killed someone, Tim," I almost died from pure McGee-ness!