Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Schooling House

House returned to FOX's schedule last night, introducing David Morse (late of Hack) as a cop who, after a visit to the clinic, takes it upon himself to humble House.

Morse can play warmth as well as menace. His performance cast Greg House in a different light. I considered that maybe he does push people too far, not just to give them reality checks. A humble House is a less functional House, though. He needs to stay on the highwire. Plus, I object to any one person trying to "straighten out" another.

Morse would play Spenser well if Spenser were still menacing. He's reportedly signed for a six-episode arc on House. I wonder how it will play out.


Roddy Reta said...

I loved David Morse on St. Elsewhere and I never understood why he never became a bigger star.

Graham said...

Morse is an underrated actor. He's appeared in about a million "that guy" parts ("Hey! It's that guy!").

He was the best thing in PROOF OF LIFE, outshining Russel Crowe and Meg Ryan.

Megan said...

Oh! That guy!