Monday, December 18, 2006

Midterm TV Report Card

STILL WATCHING: Consistent or Improved Shows Since Last Season -

NCIS, Bones.

BEST NEW SHOW: This Season -


WHAT HAPPENED?: Favorites That Have Disappointed This Season -

House. David Morse plays a cop harassing House over his drug habit in the current arc. It was fine for the first couple of episodes, but the conflict is starting to feel contrived and the mood of the show gratuitously dark.

WAIT A MINUTE: New Shows Cancelled Too Soon -


IS THAT STILL ON?: Veteran Shows Past Their Freshness Date -


I GIVE UP: New Shows I'm No Longer Watching -

Studio 60. Too much badly-veiled self-reference.

WHAT AM I MISSING?: New Shows I Haven't Seen -

NBC's Heroes. I'm superheroed-out at the moment.

Feel free to comment with your own report cards.

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