Monday, December 04, 2006

Sunny Randall Fantasy Casting

I've been thinking about Sunny Randall, originally created by Robert B. Parker to be portrayed onscreen by Helen Hunt. As far as I know, the movie is dead, but if a movie were to be made, who would you choose in the various roles?

I've come up with:

Heather Locklear as Sunny Randall - a bit older than Sunny's described age, but doesn't look it. Can play both funny and no-nonsense.

Charlie Sheen as Richie Burke - I know I seem to be going the "Spin City" route, but I liked their onscreen chemistry. Plus, Sheen has the good looks and bad boy rep, and his father can play Richie's father.

Samuel L. Jackson as Tony Marcus

Dean Cain as Spike - Not an ethnic match, but his athleticism is a good fit for Spike's karate background.

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Roddy Reta said...

Parker's newest Jesse Stone novel has Sunny Randall in it (it's kind of a sequel to Blue Screen), so they may have to find a Sunny yet.