Friday, January 19, 2007

TV Last Night

On Smallville, tech billionaire Oliver Queen convenes a team of heroes to take down Lex Luthor's secret lab. The episode written by Steven S. DeKnight features the first references to Bart Allen as Impulse and Arthur Curry as Aquaman, supposedly codenames assigned by Green Arrow. Clark's codename? Boy Scout.

Overall it was an interesting take on JLA lore with Chloe keeping an eye on things from Oliver's loft, codenamed Watchtower. Compelled to join the rest of the team taking on similar Luthor labs around the world, Ollie is forced to end his romance with Lois.

On CSI, Liev Schreiber came aboard as Mike Keppler, an enigmatic investigator from back east. In the first episode of any CSI I've watched all through, Keppler helps the team discover a kindly-looking killer dentist.

And on Shark, Sebastian matches wits with an audacious genius serial killer (Billy Campbell) who not only represents himself in court, but actually kills the key witness against him to beat multiple murder charges on a technicality.

Who else remembers Billy Campbell as P.I. Walter Tatum on Moon Over Miami? That show deserved a better fate.

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