Sunday, February 18, 2007

Gerald Wins Dunk Contest

"I am so excited. I have always dreamed about being in the dunk contest. I never dreamed about actually winning it."

Me? I wish. Last night's All-Star Dunk Contest was won by Boston Celtic Gerald Green, whose array of dunks, which included a leap over defending champ Nate Robinson, easily surpassed Robinson, who after missing eleven attempts on a single dunk last year, missed nine attempts this year.

AFP File photo

"I didn't think Nate was going to let me use him. But I wanted to use Nate since he was the champ. I wanted to take it away from you, so I am going to use you as a prop,"

Now that's showmanship!

Why did Nate agree to be used? If he were injured and not participating or retired. fine. But why give an opponent any edge whatsoever?

Of course, after this weekend, Green returns to a miserable Celtics team. You gotta let Ainge and Doc go, and I say that as a Rivers fan.

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