Friday, February 09, 2007

More Thursday Night TV

Possibly the most pointless episode of Smallville I've ever seen. To escape a stalker, Lana goes to the Kent farm with a team of LuthorCorp bodyguards in tow. Guess who the stalker turns out to be? Clark does the usual hero thing, but Lana and Clark gain no insight into each other from sharing space. Just another Thursday night in Smallville.

By contrast, Liev Schreiber's stint on CSI ended with a bang last night as Mike Keppler's mentor from the Trenton PD showed up asking him to cover up a murder. This brought to the fore an act of vengeance Keppler took after his fiancee was raped, subsequently covered up by his old mentor. A fine punctuation to Keppler's shady storyline that reminded me of Dave White's Bill Martin and Jackson Donne. Am I invested enough in the other characters to keep watching? We'll see.

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Dave White said...

You make me almost want to watch CSI.